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Some Things You May Not Know About Us

Michael Bergin coaches his son’s Little League. He also keeps us all laughing. Michael swears he has 7-pack abs, but we haven’t seen them yet, so we cannot say for sure … we do know his wife is smokin’ hot, though. David Chokachi looks so good because he does a lot of yoga. He might …

Alexandra is a Spokesperson For The Chevrolet Volt!

Alexandra is a spokesperson for the Chevrolet Volt. What is the Volt? Check out to find out….

Welcome to the site!

Hello and Welcome to the B Team site! Michael, David, Jeremy, Kelly, Jaason, Greg and I are so happy you came to this page to check us out. Even though Baywatch still plays around the world, the show itself stopped filming in 2000. Many of us didn’t even work together when we were part of …