The B Team Hangs Out Before a Meeting

A couple years ago, Lionsgate Television set up alot of meetings for us around town. Here we are chatting before the network bigwigs come in the room (thank you Jaason for filming). Now we have an even awesome idea we are shopping….

Jaason Simmons Interview With David Graham

David Graham is back with “One on One” this time he speaks with Jaason Simmons. Jaason has plenty to say on acting, coming out and homophobia in the entertainment industry:

Jaason & Alexandra Hang Out!

Jaason and Alexandra hang out at her house and decide to make a short video together. Jaason doesn’t say much (he has a bit of a toothache) and Alexandra talks too much (typical), but we hope you get a smile out of it!

Meet Javi…

Just before Thanksgiving, 40 beagles were rescued from a research lab in Spain and flown by the Beagle Freedom Project ( to America. Alexandra and Ian are fostering one of these beautiful but traumatized dogs. We have named him Javi (after Javier Gomez, a Spanish triathlete) and he is slowly coming out of his shell. …