Alexandra is a Spokesperson For The Chevrolet Volt!

Alexandra is a spokesperson for the Chevrolet Volt. What is the Volt? Check out to find out….

3 Responses to Alexandra is a Spokesperson For The Chevrolet Volt!

  1. Hi Alexandra

    Keep up the fight cause we only have one Earth!!

    Sad that EV’s have not come further by now with all the gas price hikes!!!

    For us we just ditched out car all together when we moved to NYC no need for it with mass transit and foot transit!!!

  2. Hi Dave,

    Having no car at all is sooo much better than even an electric car. Unbeknownst to most, the residents of densely populated city like New York City have a smaller carbon footprint than other places in the United States because you use public transportation, live in smaller homes and you walk alot. Good for you!

    • Hi Alexandra

      Yeah my wife loves to walk. One thing with it being summer we have a lot of street fairs here in NYC sometimes several at a time and we’ve been known to walk from one to another and so on depending how close they are to each other.

      But wish NYC would send a team to Japan and learn how to operate a metro system HA HA Japan has probably the best metro system in the world!!!! Fast, reliable and on-time!!


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