Climate Change???

This is the temperature that was reached while trying to get into NYC city
From cross Bronx expressway

Climate change???

Kind of funny
My outside car temp gauge was reading
117 degrees


7 Responses to Climate Change???

  1. Hi David

    Yes I know for the past few weeks we have been in Montreal as had to get out of the summer heat of NYC and I think it followed us here. Even here it was over 100F. Thought we moved north to get away from this all and it followed us as South Carolina use to be this bad.

    At least for us here in Montreal tomorrow it goes back to a normal and far more comfortable mid 70’s


  2. Yeah, the heat was crazy, it was like, someone turned on a GIANT heater.

    I was stuck in bad traffic which made it so much worse.

    Just an interesting observation.

    Right on right on


    • Hi David

      Yeah we use to live in SC and we would expect that there but in NYC we never expected anything like that. Even in Montreal where we’re spending the summer was 100+. Thank goodness we have FINALLY returned to a normal high 70’s to lower 80’s.

      A friend of mine in NYC said she just took her son and moved into the local park and plunked right down under the sprinklers HA HA only was they could beat the heat!!

      And yeah I feel for ya as I know how bad traffic can be in NYC. Reason we ditched our car prior to moving there now we just use metro or bus or if outer areas metro north or LIRR or Amtrak!


  3. Send some of that climate change here, please! In Sweden we’ve had clouds and/or rain with (I’ll be diplomatic, here, and abstain from foulmouthedness!) abysmal temperatures, lately.


  4. I´m from Spain where usually the temperatures are hights but this summer the ordinary climate is rain, rain, cold.. i can´t go swimming It´s horrible.

  5. Hi guys!!

    what’s up? 🙂

  6. I’m near Dallas, Texas and we are having those temps on a daily basis….and no rain for the past few months. Drought conditions and burn bans everwhere. It’s awful!

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