Dog Show Audition

This video, was from an audition I did for my hosting agent.

This company was looking for a new host for Animal Planet type show, someone who loves dogs, so I felt like I was the perfect choice!. (You gotta believe in yourself in this business, and you have to constantly believe you are the right one for the job.) They gave me a list of questions to answer, on camera. Also, part of what they wanted to see is how creative you get with you your audition, with the camera work, how you interact with your dog, and then you had to make it fun and creative as possible. As much as I love photography, I also enjoy shooting film, and I love editing.

So This 4 minute audition was the result. Unfortunately I did not get the job. The one guarantee about this business is, there are no guarantees! But you have to keep throwing it against the wall, and hope it sticks!!!!! I thought I was the perfect choice for this job, since I have a deep love for animals, dogs especially, and I do a lot of hosting. I host behind the scenes specials for Spike TV and Comedy Central. I was in Thailand last November shooting the cast of the Hangover Part 2, and I was in Rio, Brazil this past April for the Fast 5. Its a super cool job, because I just kind of hang out and ask the actors, director, stunt guys a bunch of cool questions , interact with them on Camera, etc. I will post links to some of these shows, so you can check them out. they are super cool.

Anyway, thats kind of the inside track on this video. Hope you guys enjoy it!


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  1. Hi David

    Cool pups! Sorry you didn’t get the job!!

    Wife was also watching and asked what Breed Cami is?

    Not had a dog in awhile as wife and I travel to much to have one. We’ve had 2 since we been married and boy how different they were.

    The first was a male beagle. This dog we came to call the demon dog. I swear this dog was possessed. We even took it too a dog trainer and even she could not get this dog under control. She even suggested we try one of those spiked collars and this had the weirdest effect. Without it he was totally uncontrollable but the second you put this collar on him he would lay down and be practically lifeless HA HA. During training he even bit the trainer. we finally had to come to the conclusion that he needed a different home style so we found a home for him where he had lots of land to run on and such.

    The second was also a beagle but this time female and she was just the opposite of the male. Well behaved and gentle and loving much like Cami. Never had a problem with her at all. Once we started to travel though we realized wasn’t right for her to always be in a kennel despite us having a good kennel for her to stay at while we traveled so we found a good home for her with kids and such that could love her and such.

    And now here in NYC our place is just to small. Crowded enough with just the wife and I, always bumping into each other HA HA.

    Thanks enjoyed watching!!

  2. 🙁 you should have gotten the job!!

  3. Cool of you to put this up. Audtions/interviews are pretty much us at our most vulnerable, so it says a lot that you put this up for the world to see. I wish you much success and greater auditions for the future.

  4. Wow, Cami is a beautifull dog!
    I Like the video! Too bad you didn’t get the job!

  5. yeah thanks for the feedback.

    I always think its neat and helpful if I can watch someones audition tape, so i thought why not.

    Also I love Cami, and I thought it was a cool video of her, and to show that she is from a rescue shelter in Los ANgeles, and even though she is a pit mix, she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known, and I am not just saying that because she is my dog.

    She is amazing around kids, other animals all people. So sweet and loving.

    She is from a shelter/foundation called , Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which is a shelter that is amazing. They have land out in Utah where animals can live out their lives, instead of being put down.

    Its also great for people to know how many amazing dogs are in shelters waiting to be rescued.

    Anyway thanks for checking it out.

    As actors, we have to audition so often in order get one job. So, you have to be in the mind set of do your best work and then just move on to the next thing. If they call, great, if not, you were creative and you did your best, and thats how the game is played.

    right on


    • Hi David

      Yeah if we ever did get another dog would be via an animal rescue.

      Have you ever heard of this group?

      These guys work in the NY region and are fabulous. They will go in and rescue animals that are being mistreated (how ever that might be) and try and work out a peaceful means for the owner to give up the animal and if not they are willing to take it to the next level in order to protect the animal. They always stay within the law and have animal control and the police involved when necessary to make sure that what is needed for the animal is taken care of.

      Saw them few years ago on one of the morning news/talk shows and have become a huge fan of these tattooed tough guys!!!


  6. Hey Chokes this video is awesome!!!! I was watching it with a big smile on my face. I agree with you – you ARE the best host for the job, too bad they didnt realize that (this time). Hey btw, can you teach me some camera stuff- you are way better at it than I am! Love you.

  7. LOL I might be a little late on commenting but I love the video and Cami is sooo adorable, she is beautiful. You should have gotten the part!!!

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