Dont Believe Everything You Read

I just read another “Where are they now?” article on the cast of Baywatch, since this month is the 10th anniversary of when the show’s 12 years of production ended. Once again, it was completely inaccurate – this one said that Chokachi and I have not worked much since we left Baywatch – hmmm, OK…. if 60 roles and 4 series between us is not working a lot…

If “all publicity is good publicity” then I suppose I should not care. But it is irritating that that the media gets away with such blatant misinformation, even with the , the Internet Movie Database, which clearly (and, for the most part, accurately- no small feat considering how many cast and crew needs to be kept track of in the world of entertainment) lists our credits. Perhaps these reporters cannot count?

Besides being a nick to my ego, it is disconcerting on a larger level: we tend to believe what we read in newspapers – isn’t that the job of journalism, to get at the truth? – so when journalists are lazy and misreport it can have serious consequences. Take, for example, when the media simply parroted back the Bush administration’s insistence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and that Iran was involved in 9/11. At one point, over 70% of Americans believed this to be true. Even when, years later, President Bush admitted it was not, it was too late to change our minds – a majority still thought these lies were fact. If journalists had done their own homework, they would have written the truth right off the bat instead of spreading propaganda.

David and I have both just finished movies, and he has one in theatres right now. Just sayin’ , in case you don’t read it anywhere else.

— Alexandra

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  1. Isn’t this place, Meet te B Team, the right place to list your works? For instance, Chokachi has a movie right now in theatres: witch movie? We love to know what you all are professionally doing!

  2. Hi Caloca,

    David is in Soul Surfer, a film based on the true story of a younger surfer who gets attacked by a shark and loses her arm.

    Your point is well taken about listing our resumes here, although we do have websites listed on alot of our bio pages and imdb lists our resumes. The gang will have to talk and decide whether we want to add that here!

    Thanks for your interest in our careers. I am doing the film Mud Dog Blues, just performed my one man show for a benefit, and am still teaching at the Film Actors Studio in Atlanta

  3. We also hope to update this site regularly. Check out our twitter page too for updates. This Sunday Michael, David, Alexandra and Kelly are doing some charity cycling on the Santa Monica pier… our old Baywatch haunt…

  4. Hi Alexandra

    I agree with you all the way here. I take everything the media reports with a grain of salt as I have found that media reports only what is best for it’s own interests.

    As you might know from your forum I am into the Tibetan movement and I found it so sad that during the Beijing Olympics the media only reported just so much on the Tibet and human rights issues in China just enough to say hey we spoke of it but not enough to upset their own financial goals and such IE reporting in China.

    It’s sad in this day and age when honest reporting is so much needed that the media puts their own financial welfare in front of reporting the truth.

    I know awhile back I was in a debate in your forum and the lady was just as you were saying. Despite me showing the White Houses (Bush) own press release she still refused to believe me regarding the false claim’s Bush had been making regarding WMD’s

    People have sadly in my view become so dumbed down just believing whatever the news media states. Taking whatever it is they say for fact instead of looking into it for themselves!!!!

  5. This entire site is so amazing I almost can’t even believe it’s real. Some of my most favorite people(though I’ve never met any of you) who brought me some of my greatest memories while growing up in the 90s(sad memories, too…The episode where they killed off my first teenage crush, Stephanie, was traumatic, lol) actually cared enough to do all of this…it’s unreal. I don’t have much else to add but I just wanted to take the time out to say thanks for doing this.

    • Hi Kahle,
      we are so glad you like MeetTheBTeam! Thanks for visiting and let your friends know. we hope to start a forum on this site when we get enough folks checking it out, so we hope you will contribute.

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