Jaason & Alexandra Hang Out!

Jaason and Alexandra hang out at her house and decide to make a short video together. Jaason doesn’t say much (he has a bit of a toothache) and Alexandra talks too much (typical), but we hope you get a smile out of it!

7 Responses to Jaason & Alexandra Hang Out!

  1. Glad to see you, you will be looking pretty good that happened in Australia? lol YOU ARE fantastic, keep so well. What was the rest of the TEAM b? alexandra talk too much? noo! lol ; )

  2. I talk too much and I don’t frame the shot well either! I should have snuggled closer to Jaason…. silly me to miss that opportunity. David let’s you and me shoot something and I promise I will stay in frame 🙂


  4. Loved the video. I couldn’t wait to get some news about the B team. Both are great in the video. Expecting more soon.

  5. Looking Good hope you all post more often as love reading the posts and updates and such!!

    @ Jaason Sorry to hear about your tooth I know the feeling as been having lot of dental work lately getting things fixed so know the feeling!!!

  6. all what i can feel from this clip is this great amount of positiveness from you both!!

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