Landscape Photography by David Chokachi

I love photography, mostly landscapes, and I took these this spring when I was running on the beach in my home town. The way the sun was hitting the sand dunes was magical, with this really cool, post storm sky. I thought this would be kind of cool to share. One cool aspect of the I Phone, it’s got a pretty good camera built in. This is mother nature at her best, all her, no photo enhancement!

— David

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  1. Hi David

    Great photos!! My favorite was the first one the blue sky and clouds with the sand dune just make for a very interesting shot!!!

    I like photography myself but still not so good at it. Most of mine tend to be from Tibet rallies here in NYC so each year they seem to improve. Just hard to do with constant changing lighting and always on the move to the next rally point HA HA but they do improve as I learn new tricks!!


    • Right on Dave

      Thanks for checking them out.

      yeah its fun shooting, whatever kind of moves you.

      Why are you shooting the tibet rallies???


      • Hi David

        Well since my wife & I moved to NYC in 2008 I have become involved in the Tibetan freedom movement. Started during the Beijing Olympics. Being NYC has a fairly large Tibetan community they have rallies regularly here in the city. IN fact they had one earlier today at the consulate but was not able to attend. But when I do I take lots of photos and video and such. Then put them into videos. Below was the March 10, 2010 video I did

        The male speaker in the video audio is a Chinese survivor of Tienanmen Square and he came to speak at the Consulate. The Tibetan female speaker at end tells her story

        But I keep doing this to keep a record of what is transpiring here in NYC in regards to the fight for Tibetans to regain their countries independence from Chinese occupation. And also help one Tibetan with his website to help give folks another source to learn about the Tibetan issue


      • Great Pictures Choks!
        My favorite one is your mug shot… you look so sexy…. I couldn’t even bring my eyes to the other photos…. I’m sure they were beautiful too! Hee hee

        Your Straight buddy,

        Michael Bergin

  2. the photos´re very fantastics, very goods

  3. David these photos are great. What a beautiful place you grew up in. I am from New England too, but didnt live near the ocean…

  4. Reminds me of my hometown in Tasmania, Chokes! Good stuff.

  5. With an Iphone? Wow! Congrats. Nice pics. Remembers me Geo Magazine…

  6. Hey David, the Photos looks great.It looks a little bit like the beach in denmark and reminds me to my last holidays. Greatings from germany.

  7. Hi David,

    Amazing photos and great picture-taking skills on your part. Nature is sooo beautiful… if only more people could appreciate it, nurture it and protect it future generations would be equally privileged in enjoying its beauty

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