Meet Javi…

Just before Thanksgiving, 40 beagles were rescued from a research lab in Spain and flown by the Beagle Freedom Project ( to America. Alexandra and Ian are fostering one of these beautiful but traumatized dogs. We have named him Javi (after Javier Gomez, a Spanish triathlete) and he is slowly coming out of his shell. He can now roam free after 4 years in a cage, and in the last week he has met his first cat and played with other dogs for the first time. Watch video about the Beagle Freedom Project.

2 Responses to Meet Javi…

  1. I´m from Spain and I did´nt Know this. Those dogs are fantastic and I´m disagree with this situation. His name are cool. I´m triathleta too (my name is Jesus 😉 haha) I love animal I´ve got a black cat lol Alexandra I believe that you too. People thnik that black cat give bad luck to persons but I dont believe

  2. Alexandra

    This is so cool. I actually posted the video about these dogs little bit back and was surprised seeing on your site that you had fostered Javi. I understand you all found him a good home.

    Well Done!!!!


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