New B Team Video Clips!

In the summer of 2010, Lionsgate TV wanted to sell a reality show featuring The B Team, so we agreed to help pitch the idea to networks around town. Jaason brought his camera and filmed us before a few meetings:

Clip #1: This clip features Alexandra as she arrives at the William Morris Endeavor Agency for several pitch sessions one morning.

Clip #2: This clip features Michael greeting Jaason.

4 Responses to New B Team Video Clips!

  1. i like too see baywatch david chokachi , jeremy jackson , pamela anderson and david hasselhoff is playing in the baywatch i am fan off david chokachi playing cody madison

  2. hi im trying to locate one the main song from the bay watch moive Hawaiian reunion it was on of the main songs used in the film it go californa,californa oooh yeah . idont know if you know who sings it or the title itd aslo been in she spies season 2 epside one rain of terror i keep hearing this song ithink its cooll song i dont know the singer or tile can you help

  3. It is so relaxing to see you guys hanging out together! I didn’t catch everything you said, but your laughs made me smile for sure!

  4. MORE videos please!!! we want mooorrre videos!!!

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