Pedaling on the Pier

Kelly, David and I showed up at the Santa Monica pier this past Sunday morning to “Pedal on the Pier” – “100 Butts. 100 Bikes. 100 Miles!” – by spinning on bikes with hundreds of others who were there to raise money to send kids to camp for the Harold Robinson Foundation. This non profit which works closely with an organization close to Kelly’s, David’s and my hearts, A Chance for Children. A Chance for Children was founded by the producer of Baywatch, Greg Bonann, and BW writer Tai Collins (who is as hot as any Baywatch babe). Each summer Baywatch alums help out by helping teach the kids at its camp to swim.

David, Kelly and I pulled in at the same time, and had a laugh over the episodes we shot on this pier so long ago. It is only a couple miles south of Will Rogers State Beach, where we filmed most of our scenes. The three of us walked into the event to big hugs from Greg and Tai, and some requests from fans for photos and autographs. Then we saw Michael “Newmie” Newman! What a great surprise! Newmie was on Baywatch longer than any of us, and we had not seen him for several years. A real life firefighter and lifeguard, he coached many of us actors to improve our swimming, diving and rescue techniques. Even after recent major back surgery, he was ready to ride! After doing the red carpet by posing for photos and doing some interviews, we got on the bikes alongside Felisha Terrell, David Duchovny and Joyce Hyser. Kelly had come with her beautiful toddler Hallie and was not prepared to ride – she was stylishly dressed in skinny jeans and platform sandals, but she gamely got on a bike and rode barefoot. David always said she was a great sport when he worked with her (she and I missed each other by a season), and sure enough, she is! Newmie, in contrast, was in full cycling regalia, the consummate athlete. The energy was great on the pier – so many folks riding stationary bikes under the sun to heartpounding music, enabling kids to go to camp this summer. And the workout was not easy – we were all sweating like crazy after the first half hour.

David Braff, a Baywatch staff writer who created Lt Stephanie Holden, also came by to say hello, and got on a bike. He had moved out of state for several years so it was great to see him again too.

Once again, it was wonderful not only to hang out with the B Teamers and old friends like Newmie, Tai, Greg and David Braff, but also to get a sweat up on beautiful Southern California morning – and all for a good cause!

— Alexandra

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  1. Great going gals and guys!!!! And way to jump in Kelly platforms or not HA HA

  2. I would not have done nearly so well in heels! Good job Kelly! 🙂

  3. Wish I could have been there – good going guys.

  4. Hi Alexandra

    Just popped back to check the video you added. and must say well done!!!! Great to see you guys spinning away!!. Hate to say though you guys all came in second place! Seems the KIDS came in winners thanks to you guys & Gals!! =o)

    Well Done again!!

    • Thanks for checking back in, Dave. I hope to do more of these, as my imovie skills are slowly improving (and no smudge this time).

      • Well was a good video!! V said you been practicing HE HE

        I remember when I first started making videos. Was nothing but a simple slide show no text no additional video no transitions and only one piece of background music now I can do quite a bit.

        My most recent was a tribute to Jigme Norbu (The Dalai Lama’s Nephew) who was recently (Feb) killed in a car accident as he was walking for Tibet. he was struck by a car. For this videos I super imposed images over a video of one of his previous walks for Tibet. The images are all photos I shot (Few photo’s of Jigme not mine as never had the chance to meet him) at Tibet Rallies here in NYC of other Tibetan activists that work constantly for Tibet. Came out pretty good for my first image over video type video!

        Thanks for the reply and keep going each video you will improve as we all do as you learn new tricks to get the results you desire from videos! And no worries on the smudge HA HA I went on a trip and half the photos had dust on the lens I had not noticed in the camera view window HA HA


  5. fun video, great cause. you all look as fit as you did 15 years ago, which is also an impressive feat.

  6. Thanks, Caroline. Kelly has had 3 kids since then, so that is even more impressive!

  7. Hey Thanks for the messages.

    Was a super fun day.

    It felt, like we were back shooting Baywatch, because we shot a lot stuff on the Santa Monica Pier.

    Full memory lane.!!!!!

    Pretty cool, that a cast from a show, such as ours, is still so united, and now we are on our way to working together again. Its extremely rare in this town.

    Thanks for everyones support!!!! Please keep it up. It keeps us motivated !!!

    Much Love
    David Chokachi…aka Cody Madsion

    • Hi David

      Nice name!! And yeah but then the show was on for so many years that cast member became friends so it’s no wonder you’re all still connected. Besides you all have causes that others in the group support as well so that is another reason the bonds remain as they did in the 90’s


  8. Looked like fun guys – wish I could have joined you! Nice to see Newman on the video too.

  9. hello baywatch

    like all so in baywatch speal david chokachi and jeremy jackson from baywatch
    i have magacin of baywatch picher of all is playing in baywatch i am i fan of baywatch
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  10. Thanks to all of you for your big hearts and help! Love you!!!

  11. Thank you all for your undying support and time you take to participate. My son is one of the children who is sent to camp by your generosity. I cannot express my gratitude to you all, especially Greg and Ms. Tai, and Jeff Robinson, without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. That is such a great video!
    Good to see you all together!

    Found another video on Youtube about camp Baywatch/change for children!

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