Some Things You May Not Know About Us

Michael Bergin coaches his son’s Little League. He also keeps us all laughing. Michael swears he has 7-pack abs, but we haven’t seen them yet, so we cannot say for sure … we do know his wife is smokin’ hot, though.

David Chokachi looks so good because he does a lot of yoga. He might put Michael’s abs to the test. . It might also be because of all that standup paddling – David paddles 30 miles at a time without breaking a sweat. And all for good causes like clean water and saving marine life.

Jeremy Jackson is all grown up! If you want to reach him, you have to text, as he is definitely of the generation that thinks email is antiquated. Which perplexes the rest of us, except Kelly, who texts a lot too (but not while driving, right Kelly?). Jeremy travels around the world, often to the hippest nightclubs, so you might spot him in Sarajevo or London. If you do, there is probably a beautiful woman right next to him. Or three.

Kelly Packard – Speaking of beautiful women! Kelly is married to her high school sweetheart, an ER doc who donates his time to helping folks in Haiti. Last time we saw Kelly, she was dropping presents off for homeless children. So big hearts run in that family. They have 3 beautiful children, and you’d never know from looking at her that she had a baby just a year ago!

Alexandra Paul – Alexandra cannot even bake brownies from a box, but she can save your life, since she has been an Emergency Medical Technician since way before she was cast as a lifesaver on Baywatch. She has never had to use her EMT skills yet, though, so we worry she may have forgotten them… still, it is probably safest to have a heart attack around her than the rest of us … except Greg. Just don’t eat her vegan/gluten free cooking.

Greg Alan Williams – Here we go out of alphabetical order to follow up on that last comment. See, Greg saved someone’s life for real when he was working on Baywatch. During the LA riots, he risked his life by pulling a man to safety from an angry mob. But not only is Greg a hero, he also is smart: he has written 4 books and does readings all over the country. If you see him at one, ask him to sing you a song. He is in a band too. Some people are just too darn talented.

Jaason Simmons – Last, but definitely not least! Jaason is a Buddhist. And we mean a serious Buddhist – he does retreats with monks in exotic lands, where he meditates and chants all day. He is also certified to teach yoga, so maybe one day he will show David a trick or two. Jaason might be more enlightened than the rest of us, but he still cannot resist the doughnuts Kelly brings when we all hang out.

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  1. This is such a cool site! Wow! Keep up the good work! i’m glad that there’s a site where fans of baywatch can see how the castmembers are doing and what they do now!

    • Yeah right on.

      The B team has some great things planned for the near future.

      Thanks for checking out The Bteam site.


    • Thanks Melissa for checking in with the B Team. I would like to thank myself for checking in as well…since this is my first time. I’m very curious to see what picture will come up of me…just hope I’m clothed. Maybe it’ll look like Chok’s James Dean photo.

      I found my 8th ab….it was in the dryer stuck to the inside of my shirt.


      Michael Bergin

  2. Hi Melissa,

    This is just the beginning, so we will be filling the site with more content as time goes by. Thanks for coming to the site and please tell your friends.

  3. Hellooo! This is pretty surreal but i’d thought i’d say hi and tell you all how much of a Baywatch fan i am! Despite not catching the original run of Baywatch as i’m only 17, and repeats not being aired in England, i love Baywatch for it’s hilariously unrealistic storylines that made the show truly unique. (I manage to watch it in Greece whenever i’m there as i’m mixed nationalities) One of my favourite episodes is the one where David Hasselhoff wrestles with a giant eel in a cave, managing to electrocute it with a defibrillator but not himself! Classic.
    Anyway make sure to tell me next time you’re in London and i’ll be ready!
    Ok that last bit was quite cheesy (or all of it, it’s debatable i’m sure) so i’ll stop now 🙂

    • Hi Carly,

      Glad to hear you are a fan! We all have a BW episode we chuckle over. I think Jeremy laughs about some monster in a cave (was that the eel?) and I giggle over the episode where Hasselhoff uses an invention 11 year old Jeremy made in school (a sort of snorkle) to escape a lifeguard tower where we are being held hostage by moving under the sand and breathing through the snorkle.

      Thanks for writing. Alexandra

    • Hi. Carly. That was my favorite episode too. Wink wink. The entire time we shot it, i was dying laughing!!

      Thanks for the comments. Keep on checkin back in.

  4. There were 7 Dwarf’s, but here are 7 giants of TV in the 90’s.

    Im 26 years young! My adolescent years were spent watching the show growing up in Wales and England. Saturday nights have never been the same since. I was always envious of the the show and the locations, being filmed in almost tropical climes when we’re lucky to get over 20 degrees over here the UK at the best of times. Also, the show was kind of dreamy and was perfect escapism after a difficult week.

    With all due respect..the best we get on beaches in the UK is lovely old ladies walking their dogs.
    Putting that to one side quite swiftly; and on a more pertinent note, the show inspried me during my teens to become far more active. I often drive just over three hours from the midlands to Newgale (Wales) where the tide is immense! I’d certainly recommend the surf to you guys. There’s also a great coastline to explore. The show was a whole lot of ‘fun’, but the undertone was effective, and the show had a positive effect on me in terms of boosting my morale..getting off my back side and becoming more of an active and outgoing person. Give credit where it’s due-you guys deserve it.

    Hoping to hit the States at some point to check out those white sandy beaches!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Owain,

      We hope you come visit the Baywatch beach where the lifeguard headquarters was. For a long time they kept the set we built next to the real lifeguard headquarters, but now it is gone. Still if you go to beach at Temescal Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles (between Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades) and go to the south end of the parking lot, there you will see where we did most of our shooting.

      It is great that the show inspired you to become more active. We agree – BW was escapism! And guess what, it was as fun to shoot as it was to watch.


      • Cheers for the response Alexandra, and USA is definately on the cards in the next year or so. Just finishing my community project in Londrina, Brazil, then back to the UK in July. It’s great that you gave the names of the beaches (much appreciated), and I’ll definately take a gander when im over there.

        Catch up soon on the blog!

        Take care for now

  5. hey guys, thanks 4 doing this! I’m very happy to see you all together again. I loved Baywatch and I’ve followed your careers after that show was over and I think you reuniting is a terrific thing.
    I want to say to David Chokachi that I was and still am a BIG fan of Witchblade and I think he did a GREAT job on the set of that show as well.
    I can’t wait to see more of ALL of you and keep doing fantastic! 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      We love your support, thank you so much!


    • Hey whats up

      Thanks for the nice words.
      Witchblade was such an awesome show.

      It was so well written and I loved doing it.

      Thanks for checking out the Bteam,

      I am stoked to be spending time with my fellow castmates, and hopefully be working with them again very soon.

      Right on

  6. So happy you have stopped by to check out the site!

  7. You guys are hilarious! Thank you so much for creating this site. I have been a huge fan of each of you since Baywatch and continue to keep up with your current projects, so this will make things much easier 🙂 I was excited to find David on twitter and he kindly directed me to this site. I know it’s probably a bit dorky for you guys, but have any of you thought of hitting the convention circuit ala something like Dragon Con in Atlanta? I know you are all very busy, but I know myself and many other fans would love to meet you guys! Again, thanks so much for the site, looking forward to your future work.

    • Hi Justin,

      We haven’t done much of the convention circuit yet, even though we have had lots of invitations to the various ones around the country. It is hard enough for us to get a meeting where all of us are there we are so busy with different things – so gathering at a convention would be a miracle! Conventions are not dorky though – we love our fans and every chance to meet them is cool with us. One of the reasons we created this site is to interact with you all!

      Thanks for checking out the site, and sending us a note.


  8. David! It’s so good to know about your life. I’m argentinian & now I became a fan of Beyond the break, because I saw you, and let me tell you that you really looks each time better & sexxxier. Good bless you, and I’ll be so glad if you choose my country just to visit one day, not so far. kisssseessss MELISA

    • Hey Melisa,

      hey Thank you so much for the kind words.
      I have been to Argentina before and it is such a beautiful country.
      The people are gorgeous and very kind.

      Thats cool, was Beyond the Break on TV down there????

      Hopefully I will be back to visit soon.

      Right on Melisa …. Thanks again for checking us out.

  9. Wow its so great to see all you back. Especially Michael Bergin…………Sir i am big fan of yours….I am from india and i really used to enjoy your show…….you all people look so stunning even after so many years………really looking forward to learn more about my favourite stars


    • Thanks Sandeep….I’m a big fan of yours too! Sandeep… that your first name or sur name? Thanks your for your compliments…..much appreciated. Anyone that likes me more than Chok’s makes me really happy. Peace and love!

      Michael Bergin

      • Oh Michael, shes probably just saying that cause she doesnt want you to feel bad.


        Sandeep, thanks so much for checking out the website.

        We have more exciting stuff coming soon,

        David Chokachi

  10. I am overwhelmed of the exams, study so much and then suspenses… !

  11. Hello!

    I’ve seen the last seasons of Baywatch and it is amazing to visit the website and can to know about you a little better. I am a huge fan of Baywatch and think it was a magic series for many reasons. I’ve seen some of the first seasons of the series, but not everything I would like. However, I have a lot of fun watching Jeremy, David, Michael and Kelly in last seasons. It’s been really exciting and fun.

    Alexandra I was very surprised when I saw one of your photos on the website and saw that you have a twin sister because I also I have. For me it is one of the most special things I have and do not know if it means the same for you.

    I was surprised to see Jaason because I didn’t know he played Logan. The funny thing is I’ve seen many scenes of Logan without knowing it was Jaason, and thanks to the website I discovered that they were the “same person”. No doubt that he has changed very much for me. You are really great!

    I am delighted to know that Michael and David are so friends as were Cody and JD. In Baywatch I loved their friendship, it was really fun, especially in the episode “Boys will be boys.” And I want to tell Michael that even though in my country (Spain) almost no practice, I love baseball and I am a big fan of MLB as well.

    I hope I haven’t been too extensive. I adore them all and hope I can follow you here. A big grettings!

  12. HAVE YOU LEFT THE WEB?????????????????

  13. Hi Cody!

    Thanks for the page =)


  14. You are welcome Paloma, but I´m not involved with the web I´m only a big follower. I hope that the creators will returns soon…


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