Welcome to the site!

Hello and Welcome to the B Team site! Michael, David, Jeremy, Kelly, Jaason, Greg and I are so happy you came to this page to check us out.

Even though Baywatch still plays around the world, the show itself stopped filming in 2000. Many of us didn’t even work together when we were part of the show. I worked with Greg Alan, David and Jaason, Kelly and Michael were on at the same time, and Jeremy worked with all of us, since he was on the show for 10 years. Actually, here’s a little Baywatch lore: Kelly has been on the show with all of us, because she played 3 different guest characters over a span of many years before she was finally cast as a regular on the show in 1996!

We have always felt a kinship, having shared the amazing experience of starring on a show that was not only the most watched television series in the world in its day, but which is now part of modern culture. So when we all started hanging out several years ago, it just seemed natural to work together again!

We call ourselves the B Team, and this is our site. Keep coming back, and you will learn more about us and the ideas we have to work together. We are hoping that there are ways you can be involved too, so stay tuned!


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  1. This idea is the better thing that one could have happened to you. I´m so happy.. very happy. I love Baywatch since a lot of years, it be everything on it. Really is the best news that I have received in a lot of time. I wait really to contact you since you are fantastic. The series has helped me in several occasions, especially the spirit that trasmite. my idol is David Chokachi, I hope that it teaches me to resea jaja. Sorry, but my english is´t very good

    • Hi Cody,

      David Chokachi is my idol too! See him on a stand up paddle board or doing carpentry and you will respect and idolize him even more. Or spend an hour with him and you will feel his warmth and how down to earth he is.

      Glad to hear you are excited about our site. Please keep posting your thoughts on our photos, blogs, videos or well, just the state of the world if you like . We love to hear from folks all over the world, so dont worry if your English is not good. I am sure I could not write a single word in your language!

    • Hey Cody

      That’s so cool

      I love that this is your new favorite site to visit
      Cody, that’s so cool
      Cody like my characters name Cody
      Alexandra is so sweet to say such nice things

      I have just learned how to respond to these posts

      Thanks to AP
      More soon

      Take care
      David Chokachi

      • Hey David, I´m so happy to be able to speak with you … seriously I admire you too much, it´s so incredible speak with you, I can´t belive, but I have a problem, now I have a lot of exams and I won´t be able to connect too much. Wish luck me! Your photos are icredibles, I have your photo where you appear climbing as wallpaper, there is so cool everything what you do, I admire your spirit. You are a great example for me.

  2. Thank you for answering personally. I cannot believe that he is speaking with you, wait all of you are able to speak. It is amazing indeed. I would like to know David and to share experiences, he looks like a fantastic uncle. I have seen his photos and they are spectacular. Definitively this idea is the best, has turned into my favorite page.
    Also I admire you (Alexandra) I know that you fight for the reason and Kelly appears in the television in an advertisement of glasses. Also I have followed Jasson and Michael. Actually to all jaja

    • Greg, Michael, Kelly, Jaason, Jeremy and David are all amazing people. David is a great uncle, and a great friend too. Glad to know you like our site. Stick around as it is going to get better as time goes on!

  3. Thank you for answering I am sure that you all are fantastic and wait to be able to speak with David to know him. A thing, can I put a profile photo? Thank you Alexandra

  4. I am working on animated TV series named “Shelldon” airing on NBC Channel, every Saturdays 10:30AM Eastern time. It is about my 10-year passion to make it come to life. I’d love to make him to relay a msg. to people that we all need to preserve natural resources before he and his friend disappears. Everything is directly related to a beach, an ocean, and an environment. Really want to be involved with you guys to make something great happen to our world….Make a greener and better place for new generations…Take care and have a wonderful time there. (NOTE: If you have any activities/events a little seashell can do, pls. let us know at any time.)

    • Tan

      This is super cool
      I am heavily involved with Surfrider foundation which is a really great ocean and beach based foundation

      They are always looking for ways to cross promote, so who knows, maybe something could be done
      I love the message your show is pitting out there
      You are so right
      The ocean beaches and our natural resources are so important
      And they are limited and finite
      We all need to appreciate and respect and protect them
      Great work by you and everyone on your show
      Keep up the good work

      David Chokachi

      Check out http://www.surfrider.org

  5. Congratulations! I think the B team is a great idea. All of you was amazing in baywatch and it’s great that you continue to remain friends after so many years. I like to watch your movies or TV series. I have to confess that I am a big fan of Alexandra, is one of my favorite actresses since I watched Christine and I love to watch all your movies in Spain but have not released all of them ..
    Excuse my English but is not very good.
    Best wishes from Spain

  6. Hey Manuel,
    Gracias por su correo electronico! Mi jumela visitera Barcelona la semana proxima pero yo nunca he viajada a Espana. Por favor diga a sus amigos de nuestra pagina web!

    Apreciamos su apoyo!

  7. Great spanish Alexandra!!! I would like to see you in a spanish movie 🙂 You’re welcome here.
    Barcelona is beautiful place, I hope that your sister enjoy there. I live in Madrid.
    On the other hand, I want to say that is wonderful that you love electric car. In my opinion is very important. A friend of mine hava a business of distribution of electric cars in Canary islands if you can see the webs:

    Un abrazo:)

  8. Wow, this website is so awesome.
    I love to watch Baywatch. My favorite female character was April at first – she was so cute… But then I just fell in love with every character pretty much. David, Alexandra, Kelly, Jaason, Michael, Jeremy… you’re all very talented actors I believe! David I actually watched Beyond the Break before I even began to watch Baywatch, was it pretty cool to have another role that involved the water?

    • Kristin,
      I love that you are digging our website. Please spread the word!!
      I WAS so STOKED to land a role on another water based show, especially since we shot Beyond the Break in Hawaii. Also, Brian Keaulauna. produced the show, and all of us on Baywatch worked with him, when shooting in Hawaii. he is legendary water man, and just the coolest guy. Like Baywatch, the cast and crew would paddle out before , during ( at lunch) and after work to surf.Thanks again for visiting the B team website!! Aloha……Right on Kristin

  9. Thanks for your response David, but my name is Kirstin – heh.
    It must be really amazing to get to shoot on such a nice place. Did you have to know how to swim so well (and surf) before Baywatch? Or was that training done before you begun filming? And do you really swim fast enough to nearly make the Olympic Team, haha. I’m guessing not… but perhaps I could be wrong.

  10. Congratulations on a great site!
    I have a question and I hope I am asking this one in the righ section!
    Alexandra, did you ever want to change something about your character in Baywatch? And if so: What would you have changed? Or did you like your character the way it was? What was the best part of playing that role?

    Best wishes from Germany,

  11. Hi KIRstin, David might be a bit dyslexic, but he is a great athlete! He has done several stand up paddle (standing on a surfboard and paddling) races that were over 30 miles long on the ocean! He was always a very good swimmer too. And, as you probably saw in our home page video, he is also a big surfer. I, on the other hand, did train before I started BW – actually, to get the part one had to prove one could swim decently and then Michael Newman (who was a supporting character throughout all the LA seasons of the show – you might know of whom I speak: very talll, very buff, excellent swimmer and diver – real LA lifeguard) also helped us improve our diving – off- moving-boats and running-into-the-water-with-rescue-can techniques.


  12. Aw, that’s so awesome, Newman was actual LA Lifeguard? Yes, of course I know who he is… Haha. That’s really neat, I didn’t know that!

  13. He was also a firefighter in Pacific Palisades, CA. He saved more people than the rest of the cast put together, and in real life! Go Newmie! Here is his photo to jog your memory – http://tinyurl.com/3r7yh7o JJ

  14. Hi All

    Great site! Thanks to you all who joined together again to make this happen!!!!

    In 1994 I was actually lucky enough to see part of the filming for ‘Seize the Day’. Was a scene behind Baywatch head quarters where Mitch, Hobie and Tracy (Rebekah Carlton) were on the beach and the guys were tossing bread to the sea gulls and playing Frisbee and is the scene where Tracy Collapses. At the time didn’t know how that episode would end but was so neat getting to watch part of the show filmed. The actual ending to that episode still makes me so sad as that song is so moving and emotional.

    The other emotional Montage of course Was Stephanie’s with all the remembrance scenes in it.

    Only 2 TV series I wish were still on and BW is one of them!!! The other is Highlander with the OTHER Paul HA HA!

  15. HI Dave,

    I recall that episode – doesn’t Tracy die of cancer? I like Rebekah, she was very nice.

    I met Adrian Paul when I was filming in Vancouver. He was staying in the same hotel, so I called him up to say hello, since we are often mistaken for being siblings or married to one another. We had a nice chat. Paul is his stage name, however, while it is my real family name, so unfortunately we are not at all related.

    I ran in to Don Michael Paul http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0666806/ last month… and then there are Rand and Ron Paul… my political views are quite opposite of theirs! So far none of those folks are related to me as far as I know…


  16. Hi Alexandra

    Yes you are right that is the episode she dies. Mitch has this rush to get her to the shore before sunset and she died in his arms as the sun set. and is set to a Song by Steve Zell – “If I Could Touch You One More Time” Sort of a very haunting song about losing someone. Was the perfect song for Tracy’s Montage based on the onscreen relationship between Mitch and Tracy.

    And never had the chance to meet Adrian but am a huge fan of Highlander. The 90’s were Baywatch and Highlander HA HA

    And yeah Ron Paul’s a handful with some of his views HA HA

    Thanks for the reply!! =o)

  17. Hey guys!

    I love the website. It’s great to have contact with you. I loved and I love Baywatch, is one of the best series I’ve seen and I have good memories of it. It’s amazing to know they are from you after so long, I’m really excited and I hope to meet all your projects.

    Greetings to all and especially to David, Michael and Kelly =)

  18. Hey everyone so happy to see all of you hanging together I’m a friend of Jeremy”s “HIs big Sis.”
    I watch BW reruns often BW and Bill Cosby show help me during a scary time in my life to keep focused and calm. Will be visiting with Jeremy in May Pray all of you are well and keeping busy Love and Blessings Angi.

  19. Just stumbled across this site and couldn’t be more excited! I’m a huge Baywatch fan and I always enjoy catching you guys in other shows and movies. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. 🙂

  20. Hi B team!!! I’m so happy to have come across this website because I get to see more of my childhood heroes. I am a devoted Baywatch fan/lover and I grew up watching you guys.

    Baywatch was a huge part of my life growing up and it is, to this day, my favorite TV show ever!!!. At some point, when I was about 11-12, I would ask my younger sister to play Baywatch with me, and then I would throw her in the pool just so I could jump in after her to rescue her, and of course I would get grounded and yelled at for “trying to drown my sister” but in reality I was just playing out my Baywatch fantasies, thinking I would be as cool and awesome as you guys. (We were both good swimmers)

    I think I had a crush on just about everyone on the show; I loved Alexandra’s character… so authoritative and sexy. Kelly was very sexy and such a sweetheart. Greg’s character was very cool and funny. I feel like I grew up with Jeremy, I watched him evolve into a manly man. Jaason an amazing actor. However, I am a huge fan of David and Michael. Back when I would throw my sister in the pool, I would act as if I was Cody or J.D. and jump in to save her…of course that wouldn’t SAVE ME from the ass whooping I would get later when my tattle tale sister would run back and tell my parents. ahh those were the days!!

    I wish they had reruns playing on TV!!! :), BTW I LOVE my sister. It’s so amazing to see that you are all doing so well and looking so good and getting along so well. I would love to meet you guys in person one day!
    You guys are my HEROES and I LOVE YOU!!!!

    Much Love…

  21. Hi to all of the B-Team, really hope you ‘re all doing good.

    I today write here on behalf of >HoffArmy< a facebook based fangroup in support of anything David Hasselhoff. Today i found this on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3153702/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1 Can you guys confirm that David H. finally became a part of the B team and there indeed will be a movie next year?

    Thanks a lot for any reply here.

    Take care,
    Markus (on wheels)

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