Alexandra Paul

I am living my life alot like I did when I was on Baywatch: I just celebrated my 15th anniversary with the love of my life, Ian Murray. I continue to act, and I appeared in 2 films in 2010. You might see me driving around Los Angeles in my Chevy Volt, a new plug in car. I am also trying to keep up with David Chokachi’s athletic exploits, and I am currently training for a 20 km swim around Key West in June, 2011. Take that, Chokes!

My favorite part of 2010 was working with my Baywatch castmates on the different projects which keep popping up in our heads. Taking meetings with head honchos at various networks always meant alot of laughter, especially when Michael kept claiming to have fathered at least a couple of Kelly’s babies. The interesting thing was how surprised every exec was that we all like each other so much! Being so close to castmates is not normal in Hollywood, but then again, Baywatch has always been different.

— Alexandra

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