Jaason Simmons

jaason simmons bio

It makes me so happy to finally be working with my beloved friends! After leaving the beach,I went to London and treaded the boards. I had a wonderful time learning about the stage and I worked with wonderful actors and directors.

On a break,four years ago, I returned to LA for my best friends wedding and to do a cameo in a movie. During this time, I reconnected with my current fellow BTeamers,and we started casually meeting to find projects on which to work together again. A trip that was only meant to be for 3 weeks turned into an amazing journey …………4 years later!.

Im blessed with a wonderful family life, great friends (seven of them are on this page) with whom I am creating and producing projects which excite, challenge and Inspire me. Life is good.

Visit my official site: www.jaasonsimmons.com