Who We Are

the b team - who we are
The magazines are full of stories about the casts of high profile tv shows feuding, so people are often surprised that the actors from Baywatch are still good friends more than10 years after the show was cancelled. The seven of us are more than simply friends, though – we love hanging out with each other so much that we want to work together again. We haven’t had enough of each other!

Jeremy is the only one of us who had the good fortune to work with everyone else while he was on Baywatch, but since the show, our lives continue to intersect: Jeremy did Confessions of a Teen Idol with David Chokachi; David and Alexandra’s starred in two movies together; Alexandra acted with Michael in a Fox tv movie; Michael worked several times with the same director Jaason also worked with. Kelly and Michael act like brother and sister they have known each other so long, and Greg flies in for our meetings from wherever in the country he is working. We all live scattered around Los Angeles (and Greg is bicoastal), half of us have kids, but we find time in our busy schedules to hang out.

We are friends and co-workers. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts – we are the B Team.